This page contains some vulgar language and abuse terms that might offend some people. If you do not think you are ready to face it, please keep off.-

This page is devoted to the ones that have made legend the p.a.o.k. fans. This page was made up to show what kind of CHICKENS are all of the paok fans, and here are some incidents that can prove that they are too little to compare with us. Our abuse term for paok fans is "gipsies" or "turks", though lately there have been efforts to avoid the last one due to the sensitivity that exists on our national affairs.

1971-81 :
ARIS fans make up the slogan "10 HRONIA GOMENES" (=10 years girlfiends), reffering on paok's fans ! That's because from 1963 to 1973, ARIS had never lost by paok in a football match.
1973 :
For 5 consecutive months, ARIS fans (from the ex-club S.F.ARIS "Tifozi-Fuck paok") were going to the central offices of paok clubs in Egnatia Str. and were leaving over dead headless eagles (!), creating the slogan "POUTANAS YIE AKEFALE AETE - ARI OLE OLE..." (=Headless eagle you son of a bitch) !
25 OCT.1974 :
Place: "White Tower". 2.000 paok fans suddenly attack onto 1.400 ARIS fans. The "gipsies" fell down one by one in "Vardari", while 150 of them ...dissapearred from the start of the fight ! Report: 75 paok fans were transfered to hospitals, while only 36 ARIS fans were injured.
1976 :
Month: February, sharp cold.- Harilaou Stadium - 800 scurvy "gipsies" dare to come to the "ARIS temple". 500 of them still missing... - Tickets= 23.156 -
1978 :
Toumba (paok) stadium, 22.613 tickets, 8.000 ARIS fans. Score= 0-2 (!), and till early morning Thessaloniki looked like ...Vietnam !
1980 :
ARIS fans placed 150 funeral wreaths and 30 hearses in front of the "gipsies" gate.
1981 :
Some really determined guys from "IEROLOHITES" club, face-painted with shaven heads, bust like wild animals into Toumba's gate-4 (their "hardcore" gate), and after removing all paok stuff (scarfs, pano etc.), they beat the gipsies showing no mercy, and throw them out of their own home !...
1984 :
The gipsies (3.000) wait for ARIS fans' march (7.000). But ARIS fans took another way, and instead of coming in front of paok fans, they found them from the back and started chasing them ! ARIS fans ran the gipsies to gate-4 of toumba, and if the cops hadn't appeared...!!!
1985 :
The gipsies dare to do what "Ierolohites" did to them in 1981, to enter into Gate-3 (ARIS fans hardcore gate), but with two "slight" differences : 1) they were less than Ierolohites, 2) they came into Gate-3 of Harilaou stadium FOUR (4) HOURS before the game !!! The news were instantly transfered to the fan clubs of ARIS, and our fans came right away and threw the gipsies out of the stadium after beating them...
1988 :
Destination: Palais des Sports (common ARIS-paok basketball stadium). "Tifozi" of Gate-3 are undercovered in the city buses that had gipsies in. When the buses arrived at Palais, more ARIS fans "waited" for them and almost half of paok fans saw the match in the ...television !
1989 :
The gipsies try to attack on us, but it's too late for them... Their heads open like red roses !
1991 :
5.500 ARIS fans go the gipsies' stadium (toumba), while 2.000-3.000 paok fans waited for them in Mikras Asias Street. Walking-up Kleanthous Street, we leave NOTHING without breaking it or making damage to it (throwing boulders, smoke bombs, writing on the walls etc.). From 2 Km away we see paok fans waiting for us, and the "PARTY" has already begun ! AND our question is : "Where are your bass-drums and your pano, you chicken-shits ?!?!?"...
SAME YEAR - 2nd round :
In Harilaou stadium, our home. The gipsies have been late to show up. The first 100 of them looked death in the face ! -For about one hour they were surrounded by ARIS fans in the school that is besides the stadium, behind Gate-1. That day was named as "LAUGH DAY" ! When they finally entered in the "temple", they threatened that they would beat all ARIS fans ! (ha,ha,ha,ha...!)
1994 :
For two months the fan club of ARIS and paok were smashed up. Eight thousand (8.000) ARIS fans go to toumba stadium for the match. = WHAT "happened" to the pano's of "Neapoli paok fanclub" ? WHAT "happened" in front of the "makedones fanclub" of the gipsies ?? WHERE are your busts and forays ? WHAT "happened" outside the Alysida ??? DO YOU REMEMBER, you faggots ???
16 MAR. 1997 :
Our team is at the end of the point-table, but this doesn't matter for the crazy fans of ARIS ! 5.000 - 6.000 of us go to toumba stadium for the 2nd round match with the gipsies. We completely destroy everything on Kleanthous Street (once again!), and end up in the crosswards in Diogenous Street. And it starts raining, only this time raining BOULDERS and ROCKS ! We bust onto the gipsy paok fans that waited for us, and we beat the shit out of them ! Due to the insufficient police forces, the incidents are getting bigger and worse. ARIS fans are getting very close to Gate-4, and run the gipsies all around the stadium ! This time NONE of them can dispute the fact that they were beaten by us (like always), beacuse the National Channel "ET-3" recorded EVERYTHING that happened that day...
11 MAY 1997 :
ARIS is playing in Kaytantzoglio against Iraklis (we won 1-2), and the 4.000 ARIS fans return back to Harilaou area after the game. At the same time, the game of paok in toumba has ended earlier and the gipsies, who were much more as it was a home game, wait for us in many places and streets. ARIS fans are surrounded by very strong and tight police forces, and they can't attack on the gipsies. paok fans try this out, our fans strike them back, but we were violently kept back by the police. In Papanastasiou street many isolated incidents happen, and after beating the gipsies, we send them to the hospitals nearby ! Another proof of the fact that they are chickens, despite they were much more in number...
25 MAY 1997 :
It's the championship's last day, and unfortunately, ARIS is downgraded to the 2nd National League for the first time in our glorious history. This gives the opportunity to the excited gipsies to think that they could make fun of us, by passing by Harilaou area with a coffin and ironically mourning for us... But they didn't know what would happen there... They were about 4.000, we were around 300 but all-hardcore ones. We waited at the "157 str." corner, and when they came up, we "welcomed" them by throwing boulders and molotov-bombs on them, as well as some of us beated personally some lousy gipsies who thought they were brave enough to do such foolish moves... In the "Alysida" area, many ARIS fans took for souvenirs some paok's scarfs and t-shirts, after beating their owners... Once again our fans were announced champions, even in these hard times the team is passing through. But we've forgotten, we can't use the term "champions", since it is taken by paok fans (but champions in running VERY-VERY fast when we 're chasing them !!!)...


  • Photo from various incidents that ARIS fans are related to
  • From the postponed ARIS-paok in Harilaou, ARIS fans enter in the field from Gate-3
  • From the postponed ARIS-paok in Harilaou, burning paok's pano #01
  • From the postponed ARIS-paok in Harilaou, burning paok's pano #02
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  • Photos of the incidents against Skoda Xanthi (06/04/97) - Pic. #03
  • Newspapers referring on the incidents between ARIS-paok fans in Egnatia Street (11/05/97)
  • Photos from Harilaou, after the match with Kalamata. ARIS falls in the 2nd National league...
  • The fans' rage against the police forces after the match with Kalamata #01
  • The fans' rage against the police forces after the match with Kalamata #02
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