IEROLOHITES Fan Club of Aris Salonica is the oldest fan club of all teams in Greece. The term "Ierolohites" is translated in english as "Holy Fighters". It was founded in the early seventies', when its name was "S.F.ARI - CLUB ALCOOLICON" (=Alcoholics club!). The guys that were members of this club had a mission: to serve the ARIS idea forever. The club had its home just beside the Toumba's stadium, the paok fans home ! But our enemies NEVER dared to harm the club or any of its members, because IEROLOHITES had the paok fans' respect and fear, as the "gipsies" already knew the results of something like that (the club boys would "teach them a lesson" !) ... By the passage of time, the club was transfered in today's address, where it exists since 1993. There are more than 1,100 people who are members of the club, with more of the half of them in action, and who support ARIS not only in Salonica matches, but also in all the away games. IEROLOHITES club, along to the "Super-3" clubs and "Canaries", are the most well known fan clubs of ARIS.


IEROLOHITES Aris Salonica Fan Club - 145 V.Olgas & Mitoudi Street
546 45, Thessaloniki - GREECE ... Tel/Fax : +30 31 854430
For better contact, or any information that you might wanted, the numbers are :
Tel : +30 31 820653 , Fax: +30 31 231131 ,



    WE ARE OPEN...

    Monday - Friday , from 19:00 to 22:00 and in Saturday mornings from 11:00 to 13:30. You can find there our head members, Kostas, Argyris, Christos, Sid, Lioftis, Sam, Paparounas, Antonis, Panagiotis and the other guys that often hold the club. For further info, pass by for a coffee...!

    P.S: Many greetings to Savas, George, Panagiotis. Good luck in Florida dudes !


    5405 Casino Drive
    Holiday FL. 34690
    United States

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