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Ionikos Nikeas 3-0 ARIS FC (20/02/99)

Froussos (12'), Afash (68'), Muchotrigo (73')

Aris FC:
Dellios, Georgiadis, Louboutis, Mantzios, Koltsidas, Mallous, Dalkidis (Erak, 69), Nagoli, Andrioli, Flores (Sigurgeirsson, 75), Liolidis (Agathokleous, 69).
Abrupt landing... ARIS FC experienced yesterday a heavy loss from Ionikos in Nikea, Athens (3-0), just a few days after the easy victory against paok, ending here our three consecutive win streak in the League. ARIS lost for two reasons: Firstly because that was what ref Giannadakis seems to have wanted, and secondly due to the fact that Paraschos's team presented their negative face yesterday, with a loose defensive line.
The referee was the person who built up the foundations for Ionikos' victory. In which way ? First of all, for the austere suspension of Giorgos Koltsidas in 28' with a second yellow card, in the one and only foul our stopper made. He had already accepted a card in 23' for complaints. Giannadakis must have ...waited for our player with his finger upon the trigger. Nevertheless, a few minutes later he didn't do the same for the tough marking of Rodriguez when he kicked down Mantzios. The fact that ARIS FC continued with 10 players was decisive for the remaining 62' minutes of the game.
Another mistake came by linesman Stavrakakis, who closed his eyes in the 1st minute of the game, as he didn't whistle for an off-side when 4 (!) players of Ionikos were in front of our defenders, and Dellios roughly saved the ball from a goal. However, to be honest, ARIS was very bad yesterday and did not remind the passionate team of the last three games, especially against paok. Our players did not have passion, neither the will for victory, so they gave up to Ionikos and Giannadakis.
Paolo Andrioli was not good yesterday

Ionikos was the one who came in more decisive in the game and achieved to play the game under their own rythm. The team from Athens controlled the midfield, something that allowed them to move ahead and attack quite often. ARIS FC, apart from the absences, had a weak defensive line yesterday. Koltsidas had problems with Brewster, Mantzios who is responsible for the first goal, made other mistakes as well, while Louboutis and Georgiadis could not close the wing corridors. In the midfield, Kenny Nagoli was far from his good appearances, Mallous and Dalkidis seemed to need some time to get used to their positions after Koltsidas's red card.
ARIS FC did not threaten Pourliotopoulos with an organised attack, except for a few foul or corner kicks which didn't find target. The most important goal attempts of the first hald were: In 2' Froussos caught a shoot from an off-side position, but Dellios roughly eliminated it. In 8', Paolo Andrioli kicked a foul slightly out. In 12' came the first goal for Ionikos. Mantzios seemed to have control of the ball, though Greg Brewster stole it and after his brilliant pass, Nikos Froussos sent it in. In 34', Daraklitsas made a long pass, Xanthopoulos caught the header though Dellios was there once again. In 35' a foul-kick of Andrioli passed out of Ionikos goalposts, like the shoot of Mallous in 40'. Ionikos had two good moments in 44' and 45' with Nikos Froussos.
The second half was a nightmare for ARIS. Ionikos came in even more passionate, while ARIS kept on being hypotonical. The 'yellows' missed two good chances for a goal in 60' with Liolidis and in 64' with Nagoli, but Ionikos soon raised the score. In 68', Muhammad Afash got rid of all ARIS' defenders, and with a personal effort sent the ball in the right corner of Dellios's goalposts. In 73' Froussos made the long pass, Georgiadis could not kick it out of our area and Dario Muchotrigo shooted the ball in for the 3-0. It was all over for ARIS FC and Giorgos Paraschos must be troubled about his team's attitude in this match.
ARIS FC showed their bad side yesterday, and lost fairly enough, despite the fact that the 'yellows' have the right to 'shout' about the referee's decisions. Our team was not well organised, they had no strength, no passion to get the away 3 points. While Paraschos was ready to substitute two players, Ionikos scored the second goal, so it wasn't easy to change anything in the rest of the game. Marios Agathokleous, Predrag Erak and Christoph Sigurgeirsson could not comfort ARIS' bad appearance. The only one who survived from the whole picture of average performances was our goalie, Alekos Dellios, who was almost excellent especially in the first half, and he is definitely not responsible for the three goals we accepted.
Ionikos achieved a clear victory, as there is no doubt they were better than us. The team of Nikea wanted the victory more than ARIS FC, and they got it helped by the fact that our team was with a player less since 28'. Best players of Ionikos were Greg Brewster, Nikos Froussos and Babis Xanthopoulos.
Giorgos Paraschos said: "I was waiting for a tough match between two powerful and tapered teams. However, our defensive mistakes were several, something that was obvious in the first goal of Ionikos, while Koltsidas's suspension was decisive. We are tired from the consecutive games we gave and it's remarkable that we played 4 matches in 13 days. Our absences were important, without trying to find excuses for our performance. Though I must say that referees often find ways to bury a team and I'm sure that Giannadakis contributed in our loss today. He was kind with Rodriguez and did not suspend him like he did with Koltsidas. I'm not satisfied from my players' performance, but i think that a loss from Ionikos does not leave us out of our plans. Paolo Andrioli was affected by the hostile atmosphere he experienced in the field".
Sergio Markarian, coach of Ionikos, had to say about the match: "There was a good game, but the most important thing is that we beated a great opponent like ARIS FC. We played good football, especially in the defence but in offence as well, taking advantage of ARIS' absences of basic players. I want to give my congratulations to my players for their appearance, but if we want to continue like that and set ourselves capable for a place in the UEFA Cup, we must get even better. In my opinion, the referee had a tough work to do. The first yellow card of Rodriguez was a mistake, as the player did not intend to catch the ball with his hand. I was forced to substitute him as he was upset and in danger to get suspended. As far as Paolo Andrioli is concerned, we didn't do something special to stop him".
Paolo Andrioli was upset and couldn't control himself after the match. He got angry due to the way he was treated by Ionikos fans, as well as from the referee Giannadakis and Ionikos' chairman, Nikos Kanellakis: "I can say lots of things, but only one is aware of the most important ones" commented Paolo for the ref of the game, and continued: "I'm dissapointed from the attitude of mr. Kanellakis and of what he did before the match to create a heavy climate against me. Today I saw things and situations that I never expected to face and I don't mean the fans of Ionikos. Under the circumstances we played today in Nikea, it would be tough even for ...Fiorentina or Juventus to win here. Everyone in Nikea tells me I was wrong about moving in Thessaloniki and ARIS FC, but let's see who will be the last one to laugh".
For the next match against Panionios in Nea Smyrni, Giorgos Koltsidas won't have the right to play. Manolis Mitsopoulos and Panagiotis Katsiaros will also be absent, as they have to serve the last part of their ban. However, Paraschos will be able to count in Nikos Kyzeridis and Giorgos Koutsis.
Subs not used:
Talikriadis, Vlahoudis, Vakirtzis
Koltsidas (suspended in 29'))
Ionikos Nikeas:
Pourliotopoulos, Daraklitsas, Kljajevic, Pahatouridis, Rodriguez (Deligiannis, 44), Xanthopoulos, Filis, Brewster, Muchotrigo (Kobayashi, 82), Afash, Froussos (Ofrydopoulos, 78).
Subs not used:
Info not available
Froussos, Rodriguez, Afash, Filis (suspended in 76'), Deligiannis, Kobayashi, Muchotrigo
Giannadakis (Lasithiou)
1,469 tickets

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