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1997-98 SEASON

This season ARIS FC plays in the 2nd division, for the first time in our glorious history.


Quarter-Finals ~ 1st match ~ Wednesday 11 February 1998

ARIS FC - Panathinaikos = 1-1 (0-1 halftime)
57' Kennedy / 40' Warzycha

Panathinaikos AO vs ARIS FC - 2nd match in OAKA-Athens, Feb.25, 1998.

Quarter-Finals opponent: Panathinaikos AO - 1st match in Harilaou, Feb.11, 1998 / 19:30 GR (ET-1).

"Iron" players eliminated O.f.i.
REVIVE !!! The blasting "yellows", reminding ...Brasil, demolished Ofi Creta with 4-1 ~ ARIS FC eliminated last season's 4th team and UEFA competitor for 1997-98 ~ 20,000 ARIS fans turned the stadium into a TOTAL HELL! ~ Magic moments in Harilaou ~ Our team retrieved back their "wounded" honour ~ With "lion" players and "volcano" fans ARIS reminded the good old days of the past ~ The "yellows" not only did manage to kick the Cretans out of the Cup, but also they proved that they deserve much more than the 2nd division ~ "Roi mat" from Giorgos Firos to Eugenios Gherard ~ Our coach won the "strategy" battle ~ He put Panagiotidis on Mitic, Koltsidas on Anastasiou and Bakogiannis on Nioplias ~ All three defensive tactics were totally successful! ~ Nagoli Kennedy was a dream! ~ The South-African player went all over the field and was the master of the midfield ~ After some good chances with Katsiaros (6') and Liolidis (21'), ARIS moved on seeking for the goal ~ It was in 29' when after Strantzalis' corner kick and some mess in and outside Ofi's area, Manolis Mitsopoulos caught a "thunder-shot" and sent it in Haniotakis' right "window" writing the 1-0 ! ~ This goal was a relief and our players got rid of any anxiousness they had ~ Playing smart and with obedience, they managed to break in the zone defense of the Cretans ~ In 39' Vlahoudis sent it out ~ But a minute later (40') Mitsopoulos wrote the 2-0 with a nice shot near the penalty line ~ Ofi had no chance to react except for a dangerous moment with Anastasiou in 38' ~ It was the 60th minute of the game when Kennedy made the "magic" pass to Liolidis ~ Our striker got advantage of a tragical mistake of Haniotakis and score the 3-0 under crazy cheers from the fans! ~ Eight minutes later Riznic reduced the score in 3-1 as he was left all alone and shot it in ~ Then Firos substituted Strantzalis and Nikolaou came in ~ ARIS played into a defensive strategy from then on ~ The visitors gained the control of the game ~ But it made no difference ~ Their ex-player Vlahoudis ensured our brave victory and qualification ~ He scored our 4th one in 89', completing the 4-1 triumph ~ ARIS FC: Katergiannakis, Panagiotidis, Liolidis (Mirtsekis, 87'), Panopoulos, Strantzalis (Nikolaou, 70'), Bakogiannis, Vlahoudis (Louboutis 89'), Kennedy, Katsiaros, M.Mitsopoulos, Koltsidas ~ UNBELIEVABLE SUPPORT FROM ARIS FANS! ~ About 20,000 of them conquered Harilaou ~ 12,208 tickets, but this number does not represent the true amount of ARIS supporters yersterday ~ With torches, smoke-bombs, tons of yellow paper and songs they created a hot atmosphere ~ Zoran Stoinovic took a "flavour" from Harilaou and ARIS fans ~ He commented: "Now I realised how great is the team I came"! ~ 15 million drachmas were the gate-money ~ Though Ofi left taking about 3,5 mil.drh., as according to the rules the visitors take 30% ~ The referee Psychomanis was more than unacceptable yesterday ~ Happily our players' performance covered up his nasty whistling ~ Manolis Mitsopoulos saw the 6th yellow card ~ He will miss the games vs. Iltex Lyki and vs. Trikala ~ 10.000.000 drh. the prim of PAE to the players ~ Michalis Trohanas offered 8 mil.drh. ~ Though Lakis Ioannidis didn't accepted it ~ He said that "it's not proper to play with ARIS" ~ The fans left straight away from Harilaou to Palais Des Sports ~ There was the classic derby between ARIS and paok ~ All players dedicated the victory to ARIS supporters ~ Giorgos Firos: "We proved that we should be playing in the first division ~ We had a very good game, congratulations to our wonderful fans" ~ We qualified to the "8" of the Greek Cup ~ Our opponent for the quarter-finals will be Panathinaikos A.O. ~ Another big attraction for the fans ~ First match in Harilaou, Feb.11, 1998.-

Greek Cup 1997-1998

Round of "16"  | Round of "8"

Round of "8"
ARIS FC Panathinaikos 11/02/98 25/02/98
paok Skoda Xanthi 11/02/98 25/02/98
Iraklis Apollon Larisas 11/02/98 25/02/98
Panionios Apollon Kalamarias 11/02/98 25/02/98


Round of "16"
Veria Skoda Xanthi 2-1 1-3
Panathinaikos Panserraikos 4-1 6-4
OFI ARIS FC 2-1 1-4
Egaleo Apollon Kalamarias 0-0 1-5
Apollon Larisas Anagennisi Karditsas 3-0 1-0
paok Ionikos Nikeas 2-0 2-1
Iraklis Edessaikos 5-0 1-3
Orfeas Alexandroupolis Panionios 0-0 0-1

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