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Last Updated: Tuesday, October 14, 1997
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* = ARIS FC SALONICA * = Opposition * = Stats for both teams


ARIS FC 0-1 Kalamaria (13/10/97)

Donkovic (70')

Aris FC:
Katergiannakis, Vlahoudis, Panagiotidis, Koltsidas, Strantzalis (Borbokis, 58),
Nikolaou, Panopoulos, Kouvalis (Katsiaros, 30), Kennedy, Mirtsekis (Edinho, 68), Liolidis
Neither yesterday could ARIS win, as he had another home loss from Apollon Kalamarias, a team that stood very well in Harilaou and got a fair victory with 0-1. Whoever was in the stadium last night was viewer of another tragedy of the "yellows", who keep on walking dizzy on the difficult path of the 2nd National Division...

A team with no start and end, cut in three pieces, without self-confidence, without any soul or passion, and the worst, a team with players who seemed incapable to lift the weight of the honoured shirts they wear. That was ARIS yesterday. A team that not only didn't showed that is one of the favourites to return in the A'National, but also a non- competitive one that won't chase its final goals... What the 5,000 ARIS fans couldn't believe was WHAT is the reason of the continuous bad appearances (at least they did their duty and ...were in the stadium), and the team is not performing well. But neither they could make up a good one reason. Is it the stress ? What stress, in your home, in front of your fans who support you to make it to the victory ? Is it the opponent ? ARIS players THEMSELVES gave the opponents the right to be better in the game and win the match in Harilaou... WHAT IS IT ?? No matter how much time our players spend on that, they definitely weren't able to find a solution...

ARIS was mercyful against Kalamaria

Only three times in the whole game were the "yellows" dangerous for Koentas' goalposts, beside the fact that they played in their own home. The first one was in the 28th minute, when Nagoli Kennedy took a good shot, which unfortunately ended up in a goal kick for the opponents. The other two good chances were in the second half, made by Kennedy and Katsiaros. And that was all for ARIS yesterday. On the contrary, Kalamaria was more concentrated, played more technically and with a goal in 70' by Donkovic (header after a corner-kick) took the result they wanted, leaving Harilaou with 0-1.

For another time Nagoli Kennedy was the only reliable player of ARIS in the field, as he did a lot of job in the midfield. Though he was completely "alone", with no help from his partners who tried to "hide" behind their opponents, and whenever they took the ball, they did everything to just get rid of it and not to create a rolling game for ARIS. Katergiannakis was good, except for the goal moment.

George Firos was obviously hot-tempered, as he went to the press-room for the traditional statements: " For another time we weren't good", he said, and continued: "I want to relax, to calm down and then think what I'm going to do about it". Though, it seems that extreme situations require extreme measures, and probably Firos is going to ban the players with a 300.000 drachmas fine. He had warned them for this after the draw in Vyronas, if they wouldn't win Kalamaria and Kallithea.

Apollon Kalamarias won in Harilaou after ... 32 years ! And for the first time in this season, non-ARIS fans were present in our home to support our opponents... about 50 heroical fans of Apollon Kalamarias were amazed by their team's victory and celebrated it with lots of joy.

* After the end of the match, there was an incident between A.C. ARIS & TAK president mr. Lefteris Hatzopoulos and a fan of the team. The fan went into the dressing rooms area and had a fight with mr. Hatzopoulos, and hit him seriously on the head (specifically on the left eye) with a metal bar, and the president had to been transfered for the first aid. Mr. Hatzopoulos pressed charges on the fan who did that, but he finally regretted it and didn't sue him, after being told what was the ...pre-history of this fan ! ~ His name is Dimitris Papoutsis, he's one of the well- known three brothers (one of them had passed away from drugs use), and he got out of jail 6 months ago. He was one of the major suspects of a paok fan's murder about ten years ago, outside "Manon" cafeteria in Harilaou area.

* Our next game is against Kallithea, in the so-called "El-Paso" field in Athens. It's gonna be a tought game for ARIS, as Kallithea is 3rd in the ranking with 10 points, 12-5 goal differential, and also needs the victory as much as we do. Date: October 20, 1997.
Subs not used:
Zahopoulos, Talikriadis
Koentas, Samlidis, Nakou, Grigoriadis, Ignatiadis, Stratilatis,
Lindras, Lagonidis, Andic (Karagiannidis, 88),
Donkovic (Tsalikis, 83), Baltidis (Tzoulis, 77)
Subs not used:
Zafiriadis, Kakoglou
Nakou, Lindras
Daglis (Thessaloniki)

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