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Last Updated: Tuesday, October 7, 1997
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* = ARIS FC SALONICA * = Opposition * = Stats for both teams


Doxa Vyrona 0-0 ARIS FC (06/10/97)

Aris FC:
Katergiannakis, Panagiotidis, Katsiaros, Mitsopoulos (Zahopoulos, 73),
Koltsidas, Simonovic, Kennedy, Borbokis (Vlahoudis, 66), Panopoulos, Strantzalis (Liolidis, 66), Mirtsekis
Dissapointing. One word is enough to talk about ARIS' performance yesterday in Byron's field: This "wasn't" ARIS we all saw. The yellows should think about themselves, because the way they played yesterday noon, not only couldn't they win anywhere, but also they make their superiority doubtful, and set in danger the fact of being the favourites for the title and their return to the 1st National League.

George Firos' players were unfortunately bad in all sections, and a 0-0 of course isn't a success for them. On the contrary, it is a big failure, against to an opponent who couldn't win even this bad ARIS. Doxa Vyrona was roughly superior in the first half, but never threatened Katergiannakis, who made his first official appearance in the championship this year, after some bad ones from Talikriadis. The defencive system of ARIS was the reason for Doxa's slight superiority, as the "yellows" seemed to try to avoid a goal, instead of achieving one ! Even after the first "recognizing" minutes, when the team from Athens showed that they couldn't make it to a goal.

In the first half, ARIS' players seemed to be satisfied with the goalless draw ! However, in the second leg, it was their time to take up the game, but ARIS wasn't as offencive as he should be, in order to achieve a goal and take the victory. The entrance of Liolidis and Vlahoudis, along to Nagoli Kennedy, gave an "offencive spirit" to the yellows, but they still weren't threatening for Doxa's goalkeeper. Gassy playing was a basic characteristic of both teams, but we should repeat, Doxa Vyrona should be satisfied from the final draw, not ARIS.

An away draw, another 2 points loss...

Very few were the goal attempts that gave some colour in the game. In 10', Sasa Simonovic hit a free kick, but Maliaritsis prevented the ball from a goal after Mirtsekis' header. In 25' Katergiannakis saved ARIS after a dangerous free kick from a Doxa's player, while in 40' Stefanos Borbokis sent the ball slightly out of Maliaritsis' goalposts. In 39' Giannenakis had a good chance for Doxa, but he shot it out. In 47' another header from Mirtsekis went out, when three minutes later, after a pass from Panopoulos, Maliaritsis grabbed the ball before it went to Borbokis. In the 77th minute, Doxa Vyrona missed their best chance for a goal, when after a defencive mistake from ARIS, Mouroutis shot in front of a blank goalpost, but he sent the ball out ! And after a little while, it was ARIS who lost it, when Apostolos Liolidis' shot went out, very close to Maliaritsis' left vertical bar. These were all the interesting moments of a very bad game...

George Firos should really think about it, after another dissapointing appearance from his players. ARIS didn't convince, once more, that is the team that will easily return to the 1st division, where he naturally belongs. Despite the substitutions that our 44 year old coach made, the "yellows" weren't good at any part of the whole game, as they seemed lacking of quality in their game, they were not eager for the victory, and most important, they were passionless. In the midfield, ARIS was tragical, as our players couldn't organize an attack with good options...

So, once more Nikos Mirtsekis didn't show his skills, while Liolidis, as long as he played, he moved back in order to get a ball. Vlahoudis was quite willing when he entered, but he had no back-ups. Nagoli Kennedy tried his best in the midfield, but was totally alone. Nikos Panagiotidis played as a second stopper, and Simonovic as a right back-half. Fanis Katergiannakis was very stable, and in the very few times that he was emerged, he performed perfectly. To sum up, there's no excuse for ARIS players if they play like yesterday, and they should all realize the weight of the honoured shirts they are wearing. And there are more difficult fields than Doxa Vyrona's that they are waiting for ARIS as the championship continues...

ARIS' return to this "damned" stadium reversed things up this time. The players' medical ID's were there, but the ...players themselves seemed to be "absent" !!! George Firos, obviously dissapointed, commented after the end of the match: " Congratulations to Doxa for their fair play. The first half was equal for both of the teams, ARIS was bad and Doxa seemed dangerous. My players lost every single battle in the midfield, and Doxa could even score. In the second half, we were kinda better, but we still weren't the team that I want. I hope and believe that ARIS will catch the performance we all want in the near future".

* Incidents happened in Katerini, where 1 bus full of ARIS fans faced three buses with fans of Larisa, who returned back from Thessaloniki, after their loss from Kalamaria. Our bus was returning back home from Athens. It stopped in Katerini in order to leave four fans who lived there, but Larisa's fans tried to attack on them. Instantly, the bus driver went back and our crazy fans hopped out of it, attacked on Larisa's buses, and beated all the chickens who were in them ! The three buses of Larisa fans were totally BURNED, while our bus had no damages. Noone can stand up in front of our champion fans ! :-)

* Next game in Harilaou, against Apollon Kalamarias.-
Subs not used:
Nikolaou, Talikriadis
Katsiaros, Strantzalis, Simonovic, Zahopoulos
Doxa Vyrona:
Maliaritsis, Sedementes, Sfakianakis, Theodoridis, Giannenakis (Mitsos, 74),
Zafirakis, Mouroutis, Siatounis, Banidis (Tsioukas, 84),
Seropian, Tsiatsis (Papapanagis, 69)
Subs not used:
Kefalas, Dimopoulos
Mouroutis, Banidis
Gouvas (Arta)

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