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Last Updated: Tuesday, September 30, 1997
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ARIS FC 3-2 Levadiakos(29/09/97)

Mitsopoulos (46', 61'), Strantzalis (85' pen.) / Karageorgos (68'), Klokidis (81')

Aris FC:
Talikriadis, Panagiotidis, Katsiaros, Koltsidas, Borbokis (Bakogiannis, 71),
Kennedy, Edinho (Liolidis, 46), Mitsopoulos, Simonovic Dalkidis (Strantzalis, 25), Mirtsekis
Some fans were laughing. Some others said that "the refs' justice" owed us that after last season's slaughteries. And many others stared at the referee without being able to realize what was happening. All this story reffers to a doubted penalty kick that gave us the victory last night, avoiding a disasterous draw in Harilaou stadium, just 5 minutes before the match ended.

ARIS was pretty nervous for another time in front of his fans, and still hasn't convinced for his superiority to the other teams of the 2nd division. The first half had nothing to show, except a big moment for Simonovic, who however didn't send the ball in after a great chance in 43'. ARIS' players tried to bust into Levadiakos' defence with long passes, which had no luck as most of them were stroke back. The 0-0 score in 45' had as result the increase of pressure levels on ARIS. A goal seemed impossible to come, as ARIS had a poor performance, during the first leg of the game.

Winning is everything, no matter how...(?)

In the second half, ARIS got into the field more confident than ever. In 46', Sasa Simonovic hit a corner kick, and Manolis Mitsopoulos got the perfect header to send it in. A similar moment was the one of the 2nd goal achievement, in 61', when our captain scored with another nice header, while Levadiakos' goalie had no chance to react. ARIS seemed to take control of the game after the 2-0 score, but no one could imagine that Levadiakos would equalize it in the remaining half hour.

Karageorgos took advantage of Talikriadis' mistake in 68', and scored with a strong shot, as Klokidis wasn't able to do that earlier. But everyone froze when Klokidis scored the equalizer in 81', after another wrong move of Talikriadis. Then, in 85', Simonovic got into Levadiakos' area and incapable of sending the ball in the opponents' nets, "forced" a penalty kick, which definitely wasn't fair. Simonovic kind of "fell himself" onto Aris Goulis (Levadiakos' goalkeeper), and a few seconds later, Giorgos Strantzalis scored the final 3-2, in a strange doubty - but - satisfied fan atmosphere.

Everything could be different for ARIS, if Ilias Talikriadis hadn't such a bad performance last night. While captain Mitsopoulos had scored twice, breaking the "ice" that way, Talikriadis made two major - and unforgivable for his experience - mistakes, that costed us a scary equalizer from Levadiakos. After 2-1, the "yellows" seemed to be in panic, and Klokidis' goal made us attack massively in a last try to score the v-goal.

Two ARIS' basic problems last night were game development and the final attempt. There was a "traffic jam" in passing the ball, and the team "stuck" many times helpless to come round quickly. Edinho, Simonovic and Borbokis didn't helped as much as they were expected. Nagoli Kennedy was the only player along to Manolis Mitsopoulos that was dangerous for Levadiakos' defence. Nikos Mirtsekis rarely received the ball into Levadiakos' area, and that way he couldn't help ARIS to score. Katsiaros was good, but unable to provide any major assistance to our attackers.

George Firos, ARIS trainer, saw everywhere anxiousness: "For 15 days now, comments of the press and fans rumours made the team feel anxious. Whatever I did, wasn't enough to calm my players down" he said, and continued: "They are playing like they were crazy. There must be some peace and quietness from the fans' side, and ARIS shall play the ball we know". Firos concluded referring to the ref: "He had good and bad times as well". --- Thodoros Dalkidis was injured and substituted, and from a first sight his injury was quite severe. A diagnosis should be made today, and let's hope that the player will not miss next week's away game against Doxa Vyrona.

ARIS once more wasn't good enough to satisfy the fans, though the three points of the victory are "golden" in every single game of the rough 2nd division championship. And it's a common secret, that all teams do their best against ARIS in Harilaou, trying to "cut" home points from the top-favourite team. Such way played Levadiakos, with a poor offencive line, all the weight was given to defence. George Firos has got to find a handy solution to this problem, as ARIS seems to be lacking of a "classy" attacker in the front line, the one that could score more easily.

Subs not used:
Katergiannakis, Zahopoulos, Nikolaou
Bakogiannis (red)
Goulis A., Katsai, Goulis S., Martineos, Bletsas, Klokidis, Kaminiotis,
Taboukou (Karageorgos, 64), Kavrouzos, Podas,
Aslanidis (Franke, 59)
Subs not used:
Botsis, Silva, Fidanis, Lyberopoulos
Goulis S., Klokidis, Taboukou, Aslanidis, Franke
Doulis (Korinthou)

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