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Last Updated: Tuesday, September 16, 1997
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* = ARIS FC SALONICA * = Opposition * = Stats for both teams


ARIS FC 0-2 Trikala (15/09/97)

Katsiaros (own~16'), Polyzoidis (88')

Aris FC:
Talikriadis, Panagiotidis (Kennedy, 36), Katsiaros, Panopoulos, Koltsidas,
Strantzalis (Vlahoudis, 64), Edinho (Simonovic, 74), Mitsopoulos, Dalkidis, Mirtsekis, Borbokis
It seems that you can't win only with your glorious name and fame in the championship of the 2nd National League... and yesterday, Trikala gave a good lesson to ARIS, fortunately early in order to prevent the team from further mistakes.

ARIS saw the other side of this League, as the "yellows" lost their first home match against Trikala and definitely this was a tough punch that should wake up everybody in the team. This loss was simply a matter of bad luck, as ARIS should be the winner, with a wide score. But bad luck, Katsiaounis and the low performance of some ARIS players left Trikala to go back home with three "golden" points.

Bad luck lead us to a 0-2 loss...

Trikala started the game with two dangerous attempts, in the same minute (3'), when Talikriadis saved ARIS both times in the shots of Iordanidis and Dabic. In the 5th min. after a long pass from Panopoulos, Mirtsekis slightly missed the header. A shot from Panopoulos in 15' was a goal-kick for the opponents as well. Then in 16', after a long pass from Dabic, Katsiaros made a huge mistake and while trying to send the ball out, he sent it in the right corner of Talikriadis goalposts... This own-goal was a real shock, and ARIS fans started to encourage the players more and louder, in order to get over it soon.

In 28' Borbokis missed the shot from a good position, while in 31' Katsiaounis striked a good header from Mitsopoulos. In 42', another Mirtsekis' header hadn't had any luck, and in the 44th min., Borbokis shot a free-kick to find the horizontal crossbar. In 60' was a really tragical moment, as Trikala players managed to save their goalposts twice, just on the line, after a header from Borbokis and a near shot from Dalkidis. The bad luck curse continued to keep us restless. In 82' Dalkidis was in a perfect position to equalize the score, but suddenly he just ...passed (!) the ball to Trikala's goalkeeper, instead of sending it in the nets ! Trikala made an attack in the last minute of the game, and after a wrong tackling from Kennedy, Polyzoidis (a former ARIS player) took the pass and scored the 2nd goal of Trikala, which was the sign of their (unfair?) victory.

If someone saw the statistics of the game, he just wouldn't believe how the result was negative for ARIS. Why ? Cause the "yellows" head 27 (!) goal attempts, instead of only 4 by Trikala. Corner kicks were 13-1 for ARIS, headers 11-0 etc. But these numbers couldn't stand enough to give us the victory.

There were no best performers for ARIS. Maybe Ilias Talikriadis, who not only is excused for the two goals, but also he prevented ARIS from accepting some more goals, especially in the first half. Dalkidis was good only in the first half, and Kennedy showed soom good skills after he substituded the injured Panagiotidis.

George Firos said that the final result was very unfair for us. He also said that Trikala is a good team, but ARIS lost clearly from bad luck. "Nothing went good for the team last night. We had a variety of moves and chances, we opened the opponents' tight defence and attacked from all sides, but unfortunately a goal never came. After four good goal chances in the first half, we seemed incapable of remaining calm. In the second half we kept on creating some good chances, but nervousness was a major handicap for us, so we couldn't score". George Firos closed his statements by saying that Trikala started the championship quite impressively (took an away draw in Larisa), but they also managed to get the 3 valuable points in Harilaou. "This is the unfamiliar 2nd League championship, that's the way that things go here, and ARIS should expect more surprises if he wants to stay with both feet on earth. We continue...".

Subs not used:
Katergiannakis, Zahopoulos
Katsiaounis, Kyzeridis, Theodosiadis, Prapas, Mirilovic (Tsoptsis, 50),
Lagouias, Stoinovic, Iordanidis (Polyzoidis, 81), Dabic,
Aggelopoulos (Mitkidis, 70), Aggelis
Subs not used:
Kotsis, Zafiris
Milionis (Argolidas)

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