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- It seems that Lambros Grantas, the share-holder of PAE ARIS, tricks everybody by his own way, in order not to leave from the club's presidence and stay for another year -at least-.

- He had promised to the veterans that he would transfer all the share to them, with a purpose of saving ARIS from sinking every day that passes. But he didn't keep his promise. Last night he claimed that he is not willing to give the share if there is no administrative people in ARIS. By the time, it is a ... common secret that he used the veterans and Mr. Politakis, in order to arrange himself Mavrogenidis' transfer to Olympiakos, and deal about the ammount of our player's value not very clearly.
- In fact, everything seems to role against ARIS' fortune, as the veterans say that they got tired to be fooled by Grantas and most of them want to give up their efforts.
- The leader of the vets, Kostas Papaioannou, made some unexpected statements concerning Grantas, as he said that the share holder tries to negotiate the sale of two more ARIS players, Dellas and Panopoulos, after giving Mavrogenidis to Olympiakos. It is obvious that Grantas is TRYING very hardly to DESTROY our favourite club from the day that he took ARIS' presidence, and so far he has acomplished his targets. Moreover, Mr. Papaioannou said that he doubts if the money from Mavrogenidis' transfer are going to pay back that old, notorious loan of the team.
- Among the bad news, a pleasant one is that the players were paid for the month May, and now no one can be free to go from the team. *** The preparation for the new season is going to start in July 7, but at the moment we have seen no new players in the team, on the contrary some of them have left (all the foreigners, Dimitriadis, Karkamanis etc.).
- A rumour says that Zafiris Samoladas, the ex-sponsor of the basketball team of ARIS, was told to take up PAE ARIS, or anyway to contribute in this new effort. From his side, Samoladas claims that he is waiting to clear up any cases concerning the basketball club, as he is willing to return as a sponsor, till June 30, and be again the president of TAK ARIS .-


- Who would believe at such a move ! Zarko Paspalj is coming in Monday to sign for ARIS ! Zarko is very well known here in Greece, as he has played for Osfp, Pao and Panionios, and was for many times a basic player of the former Yugoslavian national team. He is 31 years old, but we hope we will play very good for ARIS, as he is very experienced. He is going to sign a contract for 1 year, with a fee of $ 500.000 -.

- Zarko's selection from E. Kioumourtzoglou is going to set new standards in the team : Jose Ortiz is going to play in position " 5 ", with a back-up help from Mike Nahar and Dinos Angelidis. But there is a thought for Paspalj playing as a " 4 ", and in that case Mario Boni and Nasos Galakteros are going to cover the " 3 " position.
- Troy Trouvillon has signed a pro-contract paper for ARIS, as a European communal player. He is American, but he has got a French passport. Trouvillon is considered as the best play maker in France, along to Forte, and ARIS' people believe that he could offer a lot of help in the following season. Last year, he was playing for " Leman " and had an average of 14.7 points per game.
Today Angelidis' case is going to have an end, and Liadelis' manager is coming in Monday in order to update his client's contract with ARIS.

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